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As the name suggests Asia World Education is a company that is dedicated to guiding Asian students towards world-class academic opportunities in different countries known for their high academic standards. We act as the friend philosopher and guide for the stu


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  • Hotel Management

    Scholarship For Study in Europe After Class 12/International Hotel Management@Shannon College, Ireland. Earn Your Fees Back Before You Graduate.100% Placements in U.K., U.S, Gulf etc.



  • Ahsan Shiraz Shamsi


    AWE was so committed in helping me to achieve what I wanted. Everything was so simple and straightforward, and I know that without their help it would have been a far more stressful process. Ms. Rekha Bansal was incredibly helpful. One of my favorite things about the service that AWE provided was that everything I was told was complete truth. There were no gimmicks or lies. If I was told something would be a certain way, I could trust, 100 % that it would be.

  • Liju Joseph


    WIT is a great institute to study at and it is trying to get the university status soon. Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) is the largest such institute outside Dublin and as the sole higher education institution in the South East it provides education up to doctorate level. Providing a supportive learning environment for its students is central to WIT's ethos and the range and quality of student support services is excellent. Good quality housing is a priority and the Institute currently owns and/or manages sufficient very high quality student apartments to meet the demand.

  • Abhishek Vembadi

    My experience here in Ireland so far has been great. The people over here are very friendly and amicable. Education over here is good and there is a lot of emphasis to industry oriented education so that students have a better opportunity of getting jobs. AWE has been life changing for me right from the first call I made to them this summer. It handled all the aspects of foreign studies, right from application form, scholarship to life insurance, with due care and attention.

  • D. M. Sharma, Deputy Commissioner

    When my son passed from class 12 I decided that I will do everything in my power to educate him at a top institute in Europe or Canada. Since I am a Government servant I wanted a combination of quality and affordability. A colleague told me about Asia World Education and I must say that they have been wonderful people. Not only did they help me zero in on the best course for Parth at WIT they also helped secure a scholarship worth over 16,000 Euros.